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Welcome to the CT90-CT110 Web Site

This CT90-CT110 web site was created for the community that enjoys the Honda Trail Motorcycle, specifically, CT90’s & CT110’s, the original dual sport motorcycle.

This CT90-CT110 web site is not associated with the Honda Company or Honda Motorcycles in any way, shape, or form. It is a CT90-CT110 fan created experience.

This Web Site

This CT90-CT110 web site is always under construction and has informational pages, covering areas such as…

Promotion Cards - Get some Free Promotion Cards to help spread the word.
Web Site Updates - Find out what has been added recently.
Honda Information - General Honda History, CT History.
Getting a CT - Where to find 'em, what to look for, finding parts & spares.
CT Gallery - Common specifications, a narrative, some data & color photos.
The Repair Shed - Mechanical, electrical and general repair help.
Customizations - CT'ers are Creative.
Shop Manuals - OnLine Shop Manuals.
Honda Parts Sources - Places to find our vintage parts.
Wiring Diagrams - Large scale, easy to read and print out.
On The Trail - Trail Riding Guidelines.
Web Links - Clubs, Info, Parts, Honda Web Sites, Adventure Rides & Places to Ride.
All Things Honda - Neat Honda stuff.
Motorcycle Books - Neat books on various topics, like Adventure Riding.
These informational web pages will mostly be “static”, however, periodic review and acceptance of suggestions for improvement from the fans of the Honda Trail CT90’s & CT110’s will occur from time to time. Disclaimer: The information is 1) believed to be correct, 2) peer reviewed and 3) checked again, however, there is absolutely no guarantee associated with any information. We try to do our best. You are required to determine the usefulness and applicability to your environment and your personal skill level of any information posted.
Check the menu item Web Site Updates for when additions have occured.

If you find the symbols shown, on the top right corner of any web page you can;
Star = Bookmark that specific web page.
Envelope = Send an email to a friend with a hot link to that specific web page.
Printer = Print out that specific web page The web pages are not "optimized for printing". And, you can just copy the page and paste it in to a word processing program and print it out that way to "optimize the page layouts".

Where to get connected to other Honda CT90-CT110 enthausiasts...

Yahoo CT90 Group List
It started with a guy named The Turtle, way back in April, 2000, with a Yahoo Group List where people that were fans of Honda Trail Motorcycles, specifically the CT90’s & CT110’s, could talk about history, specs, parts, repairs, trading bikes and parts, and general “yacking” about this excellent little beast. We owe a lot to The Turtle in what he started, grew and nurtured.
This Yahoo Group List, behaves like a mailing list from "days past".

You can visit…

The Yahoo CT90 Group List

Honda Trail CT90-CT110 Forum
Another place for CT'ers to meet and talk about Honda Trail Motorcycles was started in January, 2007. It's a Yuku forum that has the ability to organize messages by categories and message topics (question & answers stay together), is easy to find previously posted information and users can add photos right into their messages, making the "back and forth" of messages "worth a thousand words".
This forum takes a little learning on how to operate the more advanced features (there are some "step-by-step" instructional messages at the bottom of the main page), however, just posting a message is pretty easy.
You can visit...
You can belong to both of these groups. Free registration is required for posting messages in both the Yahoo CT90 Group List and the Honda Trail CT90 & CT110 Forum, however, just reading the messages can be done without registering. Participation, by posting messages is not only beneficial to other CT'ers, it's also a rewarding feeling, so, become a member by registering and then post some messages.
Both of these places are enjoyable, with like minded individuals, sharing insights and information about a 2 wheel trail bike and where everyone “behaves well” (a real tribute to everyone involved with both groups)..

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