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1966 - Trail 90 'K0

For 1966 Honda had some CT200's still being manufactured, with essentially no change in the common characteristics from 1964 and 1965 models. The Honda parts listing always mentions the CT200 as a 1964 and does not mention a 1965 or a 1966. The starting Serial or VIN Number for the CT200's in the year of 1966 is unknown. The year designation found on state titles or registrations for the CT200 usually refers to the year in which it was first sold. Production and dealer ordering (often controlled by American Honda) sometimes left CT200's on dealer showroom floors into the following years. We have seen several cases of CT200's with titles stating late into the 1960's or even the early 1970's, well after production stopped for the CT200.
Sometime in 1966 Honda started making the CT90 'K0, where they started to use model designations that started with the letter 'K", followed by a number. This is the birth of the 'K0. The 'K0 was manufactured in 1966, 1967 and 1968. And even though there were some major changes, the model designation of 'K0 remained in all those years. The 1966, CT90 'K0's major improvement was the addition of the 89 cc, overhead camshaft engine. This was a more efficient and powerful engine, using all the modern technology of 1966.
Model ID
CT200 - Early Model
CT90 'K0 - Later Model
Common Name
Honda Trail 90
Serial or VIN Number Begins At
CT200-1xxxxx for the Early Model, unknown starting number (continuation of the 1964 model).
CT90-100001 for the Later Model
Engine Size
CT200 =87 cc
CT90 'K0 = 89cc
Engine Type
CT200 - Early Model = Push Rod
CT90 'K0 - Later Model = Overhead Camshaft
Carburetor Type
High Altitude Knob Present
Fuel Petcock Positions - ON RES OFF
Jets - Factory - Other
Transmission Speeds
4 Speeds
Transmission Shift Pattern (Toe)
High - Low Gearing Option
Large Rear Overlay Sprocket with extra chain segment.
Suspension Front
Bottom Link
Suspension Rear
Telescopic Shocks
Speedometer Highest Speed
60 mph
Speedometer Indicator Lights
Green = Neutral
Amber = High Beam
Speedometer Trip Odometer
Brake Activation Front
Right Handlebar Lever
Brake Activation Rear
Right Foot Lever and Left Handlebar Lever
Rear Cargo Rack, Size & Shape
Small with Flat Surface or Large with Rear Vertical Bar mounted on Small Rack.
Handlebar Rotates
Handlebar Color
Chrome Tube Style
Paint Color
Scarlet Red
Auxiliary Gas Tank
Turn Signals
Other Unique Features
Right Side
Left Side
We need a Front photo to put here!
Engine Right Side
Engine Left Side
Large Rear Overlay Sprocket
We need a Seat photo to put here!

Right Side
We need a Right Side photo to put here!
Left Side
We need a Left Side photo to put here!
We need a Front photo to put here!
We need a Rear Side photo to put here!
Engine Right Side
We need a Engine Right Side photo to put here!
Engine Left Side
We need a Engine Left Side photo to put here!
We need a Seat photo to put here!
We need a Speedometer photo to put here!


Currently we have no photo evidence of the later model year 1966, the CT90 'K0 in either Scarlet Red or Yellow. If you have one of these, please contact us at CT90-CT110@COX.NET.

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