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1970 - Trail 90 'K2

The 1970 Honda CT90 'K2, continued the use of model designations that started with the letter 'K", followed by a number. There were only a few changes from the previous year to the CT90 'K2 and no mid year changes in 1970. The air intake was changed to a new style that would continue for many years. It was taken farther back on the left side with the opening up under the rear cargo rack. The CT now had both the exhaust and the intake, as in earlier years, located high enough off the ground to allow crossing of streams that were significantly deeper than the 1969 model with it's unique air intake. This was the first year that the handlebar could be released with a large lever and rotated 90 degrees (either direction) to accomodate carrying the CT on a bumper rack mounted to either the front or back of a vehicle, usually, either, 1) a recreational vehicle (otherwise called a motor home... back in the day), or 2) a pickup truck. The rotation of the handlebar allowed the CT to be carried "close in" to the vehicle and was only restricted by the basic width of the body section of the CT. The large rear cargo rack had its own mounting brackets, instead of being mounted to the older style small flat rack. This is the first year of the speedometer with a shape that was multi-sided, that would continue through to 1986. This is the first year for the rubber foot pegs and the side stand, that would continue through to 1986.
The "States", via their Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) or similar named agencies, control the regulation of equipment on vehicles and NOT the United States Federal Government (which could be a more "uniform" set of laws, used in all states). Thus, each state is allowed to set its own laws regarding equipment on vehicles. Several states (California, Georgia, Kansas, Maine, Massachusetts, Nevada, New Hampshire, & Oregon) had already written laws requiring motorcycles to have turn signals as standard equipment by the end of 1973 (start of 1974). Several motorcycle manufacturers, including Honda, were preparing for this requirement and had in fact started installing turn signals on other models. The best evidence of this is the inclusion within the speedometer of an indicator light for turn signals and on some years the left handlebar switch to activate the turn signals. The 1970 'K2, continued to have an extra light for indicating the activity of turn signals (often called "winkers" in documentation, and labeled with a "W" on the speedometer face). And, there are a few reports of 1970 'K2's having turn signals factory installed, but as of yet we don't have photo proof.
Model ID
CT90 'K2
Common Name
Honda Trail 90
Serial or VIN Number Begins At
CT90 - 300001
Engine Size
89 cc
Engine Type
Overhead Camshaft
Carburetor Type
High Altitude Knob Present
Fuel Petcock Positions - ON RES OFF
Jets - Factory - Other
Transmission Speeds
4 Speeds
Transmission Shift Pattern (Toe)
High - Low Gearing Option
Dual Range Sub Transmission
Suspension Front
Telescopic Shocks
Suspension Rear
Telescopic Shocks
Speedometer Highest Speed
80 mph
Speedometer Indicator Lights
Green = Neutral
Amber = Turn Signals
Red = High Beam
Speedometer Trip Odometer
Brake Activation Front
Right Handlebar Lever
Brake Activation Rear
Right Foot Lever and Left Handlebar Lever
Rear Cargo Rack, Size & Shape
Large with Rear Vertical Bar
Handlebar Rotates
Yes (first year)
Handlebar Color
Chrome Tube Style
Paint Color
Scarlet Red
Auxiliary Gas Tank
Turn Signals
Other Unique Features
New Air Box Design.
Gray, Frame Downtube Cover.
Gray, Battery & Tool Kit Cover.
All Chrome Exhaust.
First year for the Rubber Foot Pegs.
First Year for the Side Stand.


Right Side
Left Side
Engine Right Side
Engine Left Side

Right Side
Left Side
Engine Right Side
Engine Left Side
Frame Cover and Air Box Decals

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