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2008 - Trail 110

The Honda Trail CT110 is still being produced and sold outside the United States. The most common places we hear about them is in Australia and New Zealand.

Bernard Scott, recently purchased a CT110 in New Zealand and sent us the following information and photos.
There has been a lot of confusion and some well meant stabs in the dark, concerning new CT's in Australasia.
Here is the real deal ....

CT110 with the dual range sub transmission :
Available new to anyone in both Australia and NZ. (NZ$3,995, late 2008)
Not street legal in Australia, but they ARE street legal in New Zealand.
In New Zealand, owners manual documentation label is "UB" or "NZ".

CT110 with High range only :
Available new only to the postal services of Australia and New Zealand, but readily obtainable second hand ex-postal service, usually at 25-30,000km. (Aprox NZ$1,000)
In New Zealand, owners manual documentation label is "UY".
Street legal in both Australia and New Zealand.
Additional Infromation
The starting frame number for a 2008 New Zealand CT110 was not able to be ascertained by the local Honda dealer. This is because bikes are purchased in batches from Honda Japan (manufacturer) and stored by Honda New Zealand (distributor) until requested by a retail dealer. A bike can be stored for some time before it is sold to a customer and eventually registered. There have been no model changes for many years, so, even if it has been stored for a couple of years, when it is sold to a customer, it is recorded as the year in which it was registered. Therefore the frame number does not always relate to the date the bike was registered; however, there is part of the frame number that indicates the year it was manufactured. The CT110 in the photos below was actually manufactured in 2006, sold/purchased in 2008, and not registered until January 2009. So, the New Zealand government now considers it a 2009.
Model ID
CT110 '08
Common Name
Honda Trail 110
Serial or VIN Number Begins At
See Additional Information above
Engine Size
105 cc
Engine Type
Overhead Camshaft
Carburetor Type
High Altitude Knob Present
Fuel Petcock Positions - ON RES OFF (Handle Position)
Jets - Factory - Other
Transmission Speeds
4 Speeds
Transmission Shift Pattern (Toe)
High - Low Gearing Option
Dual Range Sub Transmission
Suspension Front
Telescopic Shocks
Suspension Rear
Telescopic Black Coil Over Shocks
Speedometer Highest Speed
100 kph
Speedometer Indicator Lights
Green = Neutral
Amber = Turn Signals
Blue = High Beam
Speedometer Trip odometer
Brake Activation Front
Right Handlebar Lever with Locking device
Brake Activation Rear
Right Foot lever
Rear Cargo Rack, Size & Shape
Large Flat Surface
Front Cargo Rack, Size & Shape
Standard, Small with spring clamp
Handlebar Rotates
Handlebar Finish
Black Tube Style
Paint Color
Monza Red
Auxiliary Gas Tank
Helmet lock under left side rear cargo rack
Turn Signals
Yes, Plastic, Square
Other Unique Features
Dual, Left & Right Side Stands, no center stand
Drive Chain Cover
Front Brake Locking Device
All Metal Foot Pegs


Right Side
Left Side
Engine Right Side
Engine Left Side
Alternate View of the Seat and Left Side
Fuel Petcock

Unique Features on the 2008, New Zealand CT110
Dual, Left & Right Side Stands, No Center Stand
All Metal Foot Pegs
Drive Chain Cover
Front Drive Chain Cover - Closeup
Front Brake Lever Lock - ON
Front Brake Lever Lock - OFF
Right Handlebar Switches, Horizontal Lever Controls - Lights (Off - Parking - Headlight)
Left Handlebar Switches (same as many previous year CT's, shown for comparision)
Dealer Modified, Raised Front Fender
No Handlebar Rotation
Helmet Lock, No Auxiliary Gas Tank
No Front Fork Fluid Drain

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