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Adventure Rides

Small Motorcycle Trip Tales
11 days, 3,600 miles, from Brisbane to Cairns, Australia.
A fun trip, down under. A Ride Report on the Adventure Rider Forum.
Charge of the Midgets! Aussie CT Trip Tale
Itís a tale of deep joy, of desperate situations, of lots of warmth and the best of human interactions.
New Zealanders taking trips around the world, sometimes using CT's. Click on the 'Bikes" and "Suppliers" and the 'Latest Photos" button (then find the 'Posties on Ice" album), to see their CT's.
Honda 90 motorcycles from London, England to Madras, India.
Moped journey, 3 months, 11,500 miles, Toronto, Canada through Yukon, Alaska to Inuvik, Northwest Territory, Canada and back.
A Ride Report on the Adventure Rider Forum.
Short ride report on Offroad-Adventure-Travel. Look around, there are other things to find.
In the Summer of 1978, a 3 month 11,500 mile journey from Toronto to Yukon (Canada), & Alaska (USA) and back.

Other Motorcycle Trip Tales
Off-road motorcycle ride down and back up Baja, no support vehicles.
18 years of adventure motorcycling experience, published in several books (Adventure Motorcycling Handbook - the bible for two-wheel adventures), with a web site having over 900 trip reports and a web forum.
A motorcycle travel writer's writings, reading, journeys, gear, and recommendations.

Trans-America Trail and Ride Reports
Ever dreamed of riding across America on your motorcycle, seeing sights you'd never see from a car and meeting great people along the way?
Reports about kevin Basso's cross-country offroad motorcycle trip.
Carla King - Colorado Springs to Mount Princeton (Colorado).
Mark Sampson and friends in Tennessee, Mississippi and Arkansas.
The main Big Dog Adventures web site.
The entire Trans-America Trail posted on Adventure Rider - Ride The World. Lots of photos.
Interesting short tale of a group of jeeps on the Tennessee section.
Trans-America Trail ride report.

The Continental-Great Divide and Ride Reports
America the Beautiful - Kevin Naser and Jim Lamm.
And, their main Two Tail Dog web site.
Whizmo & Gizmo circle through the Western 11 States and do some "pass bagging".
And, their main Whizmo & Gizmo web site.
Mexico to Canada via the Continental Divide
TrekNow Adventures, a state by state and GPS Routes for purchase.
Calgary, Alberta, Canada to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico in three legs.

Dual Sport Clubs
Dual, as in road and dirt, and Sport as in a non-competive venue.
Orange County Dualies in Southern California offers lots of information.
Dual Sport Trail Riding Adventures.

Motorcycle Adventure Outfitters
Off-road adventure rides in Baja, Colorado, Utah, the High Sierra and Death Valley.
Off-highway Motorcycle tour - The Ride of a Lifetime.
Motorcycle Tours for the Adventure Motorcyclist, located in Whitefish, Montana.

We're looking for individuals to fill in this area of the CT90-CT110 Web Site with web links. If you have some information, please think about sending us your web links! We need your help! Go see Sending Us Info to see how to make a contribution, you'll be helping out your fellow CT'ers!

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