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Honda Parts Sources

The web site for THE favorite and probably largest CT parts source. Also carries other Honda parts.
Special offers.
Probably the best thing to do is call them and ask for Terry, the vintage Honda specialist.
1959-1969 Vintage Honda Motorcycle Parts, original Honda parts, reproduction Honda parts and used genuine Honda parts.
David Silver Spares

David Silver Spares United Kingdom, Supplier of "New Old Stock" (NOS) parts for Honda motorcycles purchased from dealers and distributors. If you are outside North America, this is the web site to visit.

David Silver Spares USA. If you are in North America this is the web site to visit. Located in Pennsylvania with more than 8,000 stock lines and growing every day.
You need to "Shop by Brand", with "Honda OEM Parts" as your choice or select "OEM Parts" from the top menu bar.

A favorite of many CT'ers. Also has an ability to list Official Honda Part Numbers.

NorthEast Vintage Cycle
Large supply of NOS (New Old Stock) Honda parts, mostly orientated towards the Honda Mini-Trails, however, they are starting to carry CT90 & CT110 parts.

CMSNL (Consolated Motor Spares, Netherlands)
In The Netherlands. Having a really hard time finding that vintage, original Honda part? These are the guys of "last resort". Prices are in Euro's, so check the exchange rate with your local currency, if necessary. Shipping internationally can also be costly, so check that as well.

One Ten Motorcycles
In Australia, buys, repairs and resells Postie bikes. Also has in their Accessory catalog section some reproduction postie bags for the front and rear of your CT (great for making long trips).

Located in New Zealand, very friendly, ships internationally.

Japanese Motorcycle Dismantlers
Mostly used parts, located in New Zealand, very friendly, ships internationally.

Sirius Consolodated Inc.
Loacted in Buffalo, NY. Carb Kits, Gasket Kits, Tune Up Kits.

Honda Keys
Your single source for "New Old Stock" factory Honda keys.

Foreign Speedo
Speedometer rebuilding service. Located in San Diego, CA.

Reproduction Decals for Vintage Motorcycles
Located in Canada, send an email to Ellen via... or call 519 668-7152 or fax 519 690-0774 to ask about any decals not shown on their web site.

If you know of other parts sources, send us the web link in an email to...

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