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Long Term Storage

Place In Storage
Extended storage, such as for winter, requires that you take certain steps to reduce the effects of deterioration from non-use of the CT. In addition, necessary repairs should be made before storing your CT; otherwise, these repairs may be forgotten by the time your are ready to remove your CT from storage.
  1. Change the engine oil.
  2. Lubricate the drive chain.
  3. Drain the fuel tank and carburetor. Spray the inside of the tank with an aerosol rust-inhibiting oil. Some CT'ers say that adding a fuel stabilizer to your gas, running the engine for several minutes (to get the fuel stabilizer into the carburetor) and filling the fuel tank to full is just as good.
  4. Make sure the gas cap is in place.
  5. Remove the spark plug and pour a tablespoon of clean engine oil into the cylinder.
  6. Operate the kickstarter (with the ignition OFF) several times to distribute the engine oil, then reinstall the spark plug. Note: When turning the engine over, the ignition switch should be OFF and the spark plug placed in its spark plug wire cap and grounded to prevent damage to the ignition system.
  7. Remove the battery. Store in an area protected from freezing temperatures and direct sunlight. Check the electrolyte level and slow charge the battery once a month.
  8. Wash and dry your CT. Wax all painted surfaces. Coat all chrome with a rust- inhibiting oil.
  9. Inflate the tires to their recommended pressures. Place your CT on its center stand, prop up the engine skid plate, in a secure manner, to raise both tires off the ground.
  10. Cover your CT (don't use plastic or other coated materials) and store in an unheated area, free of dampness and with a minimum of daily temperature variation (temperature consistency is good). Do not store your CT in direct sunlight.
Removal From Storage
  1. Uncover and clean your CT.
  2. Change the engine oil if more than 4 months have passed since the start of storage.
  3. Check the battery electrolyte level and charge the battery as required.
  4. Install the battery in your CT.
  5. Drain any excess aerosol rust-inhibiting oil from the fuel tank, if you did that process.
  6. Fill the fuel tank with fresh gasoline.
  7. Perform all Pre-Ride inspection checks listed in the Before & After A Ride section.
  8. Test ride your CT at low speeds in a safe riding area away from traffic.
  9. If there are nay problems fix them before taking longer rides.
Questions, comments or corrections, see Sending Us Info.

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