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Places To Ride

A route using dirt roads, gravel roads, forest roads and farm roads from Tennessee to Oregon.
Bureau of Land Management, Federal Forest or State Park locations to ride.
State Vehicular Recreation Areas.
The Central Sierra Nevada has some great trails.
Where to ride in California, lots of choices.
Forest maps for Off-Highway Vehicles. Read the instructions carefully to get all the features.
World-renowned off-road trail from Georgetown to Lake Tahoe.
A guide to the historic Magruder Road by the U.S. Forest Service.
A trail system with no beginning and no end, 900+ miles.
Outstanding off-road trails in both the desert and the mountains.
West Virginia
One of the largest off-road trail systems in the world.
United States
The free encyclopedia of off-road trails and destinations.
Articles from Desert USA magazine covering Arizona, California, Colorado, Nevada, New Mexico, Texas, Utah, and Baja.
Where to ride: The Ultimate Trail Guide. Use the Trail Finder for a list of locations. Lots and lots of trails.
Accurate, proven gps routes for adventure travel on great backroads, trail and byways in the Western United States.
Find the maps you need to enjoy your Western public lands.
A great source of off road information.
Rather than have "listed internet sources" (that could change over time) of where you can find and buy these books at the best price, best shipping rates, and in-stock, just do an internet search using the title, on either Google or your other favorite internet search device. Some books are not available on the common internet book sellers such as Amazon, so searching for them on your own will reveal other book sources.
Sierra Nevada Byways
A great book that has been reprinted with different covers; all versions are about the same (so, get any one you can find). The far right book is due out in May, 2008.
Mojave Road Guide
An adventure through time. Explore the route used by pioneers on their way to California.

We're looking for individuals to fill in this area of the CT90-CT110 Web Site with web links. If you have some information, please think about sending us your web links! We need your help! Go see Sending Us Info to see how to make a contribution, you'll be helping out your fellow CT'ers!

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