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Web Groups

Honda CT
This Ezboard forum was started in 2007 as an effort to move forward from the linear Yahoo message format of the Yahoo CT90 Group List. This forum has some degree of organization with categories, messages that can be posted to a specific topic within a category and it has the ability to have photos directly contained within messages.
This Yahoo group has been around since mid-2000, and has more messages than any other CT list.
This Yahoo group based in Australia since 1999, mostly deals with guys that like to purchase and modify Postie Bikes (CT's without the dual speed sub-transmission, used for postal delivery) and then race them on dirt tracks.
This is the web site for the Australian PostieBikes.
This is an extension of the Yahoo CT90 Group List above because it had at one time run out of disk space to store photos.
This Yahoo group was statred in late 2004.
This Yahoo group has been around since 2001.
This Yahoo group was formed in 2000.
Other Groups
Based in the United Kingdom, however, has a worldwide membership.
Based in Southern California, a web forum for dual sport riders.
A place to talk up, plan and carry out your motorcycle fantasies in the great Southwestern United States.
Dual Sport motorcycle oriented club in Reno, Nevada.
Four Wheel Groups
Devoted to fiberglass, dual sport dune buggies.
A forum devoted to 4 WD vehicles. Good for finding new locations to ride.
Riding Activities
An organized forum with photos contained in the messages.
Ever dreamed of riding across America on your motorcycle, seeing sights you'd never see from a car and meeting great people along the way?
Rights, Riding, Racing. If mototcycles are your passion, you belong in the AMA.
Covers, Off-road, Duel Sport, & Road Rider, members in Southern California.
Started in 1965, one of Southern California's oldest off-road motorcycle clubs.
Founded in 1977 is the premier worldwide club dedicated to the preservation, restoration, and enjoyment of vintage Japanese motorcycles (20 years old or older).
Formed in 1981 and based in Bishop, California, on the Eastern side of the Sierra Nevada.
Yep, a 2 stroke lovers association. It does not matter what motorcycle you ride, only that you do ride a motorcycle, so, let's give them "smoke riders" a break.

We're looking for individuals to fill in this area of the CT90-CT110 Web Site with web links. If you have some information, please think about sending us your web links! We need your help! Go see Sending Us Info to see how to make a contribution, you'll be helping out your fellow CT'ers!

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