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Web Site Updates

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November, 2009
Oil Cooler in Customizations
Crankcase Breather in Customizations
September, 2009
Shop Manuals - duplicated from Web Links, so it's easier to find
Honda Parts Sources - duplicated from Web Links, so it's easier to find
Customizations - created a new main category
Front Disk Brake Transplant in Customizations
May, 2009
Replacing Fork Seals in The Repair Shed - Mechanical
Elements of Photo Composition - Knowledge to create better photos
March, 2009
Wiring Diagrams - added the following wiring diagrams,
K0, (all, 1966, 1967 & 1968)
K2-K5 & early K6,
Later K6 with headlight fimmer switch & 1976
February, 2009
'66 - '77 Honda Shop Manual, download location to Honda Technical Information
November, 2008
CT Gallery a NEW main category
Initial Publication, Version 1.0, November 1, 2008
Update & Corrections, Version 1.1, November 3, 2008
Update & Corrections, Version 1.2, November 10, 2008
October, 2008
Replacing The Switches in The Repair Shed - Electrical
July, 2008
April, 2008
Wiring Diagrams - added 1986 CT110 wiring diagram
Adventure Rides in Web Links - added new links
Honda Technical Information in Web Links - added new links
March, 2008
Wiring Diagrams a NEW main category
Seat Modification in The Repair Shed - Other Repair Stuff
Web Store New design on products for sale
Front Cargo Rack in The Repair Shed - Other Repair Stuff
Motorcycle Books a NEW main category
February, 2008
Places To Ride in Web Links
Adventure Rides in Web Links
January, 2008
Honda Web Sites in Web Links
Honda Parts Sources in Web Links
Web Groups in Web Links
The Honda CT in Honda History
Adjusting Valves in The Repair Shed
Long Term Storage in The Repair Shed
Before & After A Ride in The Repair Shed
Lubrication in The Repair Shed
2008 CT Calendars in CT Calendar Project
January - December, 2007
Initial creation and design of this web site.

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