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A Comprehensive CT Gallery
This CT Gallery has CT common specifications in both...
1. A web page for each year (see the sub menu items to the left), with a narrative about yearly information, data in a table format and full color photos showing CT details,
2. A downloadable PDF document, in text only, for your personal PC storage and printing.
Click below to download the CT Gallery - Text Only - PDF.
CT Gallery - Text Only - PDF , Version 1.2, November 10, 2008
You may need to get the FREE Adobe Reader program from here...
I've noticed that sometimes the CT Gallery - Text Only - PDF, will open with a "blank document". If this happens, close the blank document and try opening it again from the above web link. This seems to work for me.
However, if you have repeated problems opening the CT Gallery - Text Only - PDF, please look over to the left menu area and send me a "Quick Comment", saying you had a problem downloading and describing your experience. I'll try to figure what's going on and fix it! Thanks.
If you print the CT Gallery - Text Only - PDF document, you can make it like a "book" and print all the odd pages first (from within the "Print Range" -> "Subset", change from "All pages in range" to "Odd pages only"), then turn over the printed pages and print all the even pages (choose "Even pages only"), or if your printer can do duplex printing, try that. Staple the left side edges and it could be like this...
As the CT Gallery's, common specifications is not quite complete (at this time), each of the CT Gallery - Text Only - PDF document will have a date and version at the top of the first page (also listed in the web link above), so you can check when the latest information was added.

Each year of CT's is listed to the left as a sub-menu item. The sub-menu starts at the top with both the earliest years and smallest engine sizes. However, I have the 1977, CT125 listed at the bottom of the sub-menu, as it is an uncommon CT.
In the future we'll have some photos and narratives on unique, modified CT's at the very bottom of the sub menu's. On the list are... the Suitcase CT's (simply breaks down into small sections to fit inside the luggage compartment of a Cessna private plane) and some other CT adaptions. If you've got something neat see "Sending Us Info" in the menu and let us know what it is.
For each year of CT, the web page starts at the TOP with the narrative of yearly information, followed by the CT common specifications in a table format and the CT photos finish at the bottom of each web page.
You can view any year at any time. You can open multiple windows (FILE -> NEW -> WINDOW), adjust each window size to share the screen or use multiple monitors to view multiple web pages at the same time to compare CT's.
Each web page of the CT Gallery can also be printed by clicking on the "printer" icon, in the upper right corner of the web page. However, the web pages are NOT "optimized for printing".
You might consider just copying the web page and pasting it into a word processing program and then print it out that way, with a little "editing" to optimize the page layouts (you could probably change the size of the photos and margins). You may wish to adjust your printer settings, specifically the brightness and contrast controls, for the best quality of photo printing. Doing a few tests at different settings, until you find what produces a good printed photo is a good idea.

I want to say a BIG THANKS to everyone that helped in the initial stage of this project, this is a project that is very worthwhile to every CT'er.
And, I'd like to ask everyone to look all over the CT Gallery and see if we've got it right, so far.
We made every effort to get things correct, however, we can easily make an error in a project this BIG.
So, if you see something that isn't correct (and you can prove it), please... I'll say it again... PLEASE, let me know, so I can make a fix.
Also, some of our photos are NOT the best. Maybe the ones we have are not sharp and clear, i.e. the photo was not taken at a high resolution setting on the camera or maybe we didn't get everything in the photo. And, sometimes we just don't have a photo of a certain feature on a CT (see the red text where the photo should be). If you can provide us with either a better photo or supply us a photo where we are missing one, please follow the instructions in the paragraph below.
If you have any CT common specifications and/or photos to help make this a better CT Gallery, please send me an email at, CT90-CT110@COX.NET. Please attach digital, high resolution photos to your email, as proof of your information, and always include the frame or VIN number in one of the photos. I will not publish your frame or VIN number, I just need to check it for correct year and model information.

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