: CT Published Materials

CT Published Materials - A Project in the Works
WANTED - Honda CT - Advertisements, Brochures, Articles, Road Tests, Posters, etc.

I'd like to create a main category on the web site to show and share the above materials.

If you have purchased or otherwise obtained any of these materials, would you loan them to me for a short time?

If you've never seen any of these, try looking on Ebay, they are out there.

I'd prefer to scan them myself, as I have a really good scanner and the software to make the scans excellent (sometimes better than the originals). I've done a couple of these earlier in the year and the owners of the materials were amazed how good the results are. Some people have sent me a few that they scanned, and I had to ask them for their originals, and they too, were amazed at the increase in quality my scanner and software can produce. So, I'd really like to scan them myself.

Here's the deal...

1) Contact me via email at CT90-CT110@COX.NET
2) I'll send you my mailing address.
3) Package up your materials, using a nice stiff cardboard on both sides of the materials (maybe enclose your materials in a plastic bag, to be "moisture safe") and then mail the package/envelope to me.
4) I'll scan your materials.
5) I'll repackage your materials and mail them back to you.
6) BONUS: I'll include in your package a print of each of the items you sent to me, so you can either frame the prints or use them to display at a MC show, or for any other purpose, instead of having to use your original materials.

At some point I will have gathered enough of these materials that I will start publishing them on the web site.

I'm anticipating that the materials will be available to everyone in two forms...

A) Images on the web pages,
B) Very high quality PDF documents that you can download and print the images on your own printer.

So, you'll get access to more of this stuff than you curently have and you'll feel good about making a contribution to this project.

You pay the postage to get the items to me, and I'll pay to get them back to you.
If that's not fair enough, or if you're broke, just ask me, and I'll reimburse your costs to get the materials to me.

I hope you'll participate in this big project, if you don't have any materials, start going to garage sales in your area (this is usually a cheap way to pic up some of these old magazines, usually a dime or a quarter for an entire magazine), or take a look on Ebay and see if you find anything you'd like to have (maybe start your own collection, although most single pages in good condition start at about $5 - $10, which is more expensive than an entire magazine at a garage sale) and when the items you've purchased arrive at your house, let me borrow them for a short time.

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