: Customizations

CT'ers are creative. 
We are always thinking about how to make our CT's better for what ever purpose we use our CT's for.
Sure there are CT'er "purists" that think Honda did everything just right, and will never make any changes to their CT's, and you might be one of those. And, that's OK.
However, many CT'ers think that tweaking, modifying, and customizing can done to make a better CT.
In this area we describe some "How I Did It" customizations that are interesting and may solve some issues for other CT'ers.
It doesn't matter if you made the components yourself, had someone else make them for you, or, if they are commercially manufactured by either Honda or another company, a customization, is a customization.

Some of the customizations in this area are simple and easy, while others may be more difficult requiring specific skills.
Some customizations alter the riding behavior of the CT and may require additional expertise in your riding skills.
It's important to note that these are NOT step by step instructions that you can follow. The web pages is this area are only here for showing you what someone with specific skills can do to customize their CT.
If you do NOT think you have the same specific skills, do NOT try to complete the described customization.
In the end, it is your sole responsibility if you decide to undertake the work required to attempt to duplicate a described customization.

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