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Trying to read and printout wiring diagrams from a file on the internet has always had a problem with the details not really being "readable" due to the small size of the finished document. And, making larger documents where you could see the details, meant that the document was too large to print on a normal 8.5" x 11" piece of paper.
I believe this problem has been solved by enlarging the wiring diagram where it could be cut apart into multiple sections, with each section made into a full size 8.5" x 11" page and then put into an Adobe Acrobat PDF document that any computer can open and that you print out on your home printer on regular 8.5" x 11" paper.
You will need to trim off the LEFT MARGIN (shown in BLUE, below) of any pages of the wiring diagram to the right of the first page and tape each page together (both front & back), aligning the drawings as needed. Your result is to produce a BIG wiring diagram, where you can see the details.
Please be aware that your printer, as many do, may pull the paper at a slight angle (instead of perfectly straight) and thus "skew" the drawing on each individual page (this may prompt you to trim the top and bottom edges of the BIG wiring diagram after everything is taped together).
Here's what the wiring diagram might look like as individual pages once they are printed...
Trim off the BLUE areas (shown above, not actually blue in your printout), right up to the edge of the wiring diagram and then tape the pages together (both front & back).
And, here is the BIG wiring diagram, after being taped together by you.

These are original and genuine Honda wiring diagrams, directly out of a Honda Shop Manual or a Honda Owner's Manual, so, no errors have been made by trying to redraw the wiring diagram accurately.
They are also from the U.S.A. versions of CT's, unless specifically noted.

Each link below will open an Adobe Acrobat document, that will consist of page 1, being the instructions shown above, and the rest of the pages being the sections of the wiring diagram that you will tape together to make your BIG wiring diagram.
1964 CT200 Wiring Diagram (Covers 1964 & 1965)
1966 CT90 Wiring Diagram (Covers all K0's, 1966, 1967 & 1968)
1969 CT90 Wiring Diagram (Covers K1)
1970 CT90 Wiring Diagram (Covers 1970 - 1974, K2 - K5 & Early K6, 1975)
1975 CT90 Wiring Diagram (Covers 1975, later K6, with headlight dimmer & 1976)
1977 CT90 Wiring Diagram (Covers 1977, 1978 & 1979)
1980 CT110 Wiring Diagram
1981 CT110 Wiring Diagram
1982 CT110 Wiring Diagram (Covers 1982, 1983 & 1984)
1986 CT110 Wiring Diagram
2002-2004 CT110 New Zealand Agricultural Wiring Diagram (6 Volt)
2002-2004 CT110 New Zealand Postie Wiring Diagram (12 Volt)
I've noticed that sometimes a wiring diagram will open with a "blank document". If this happens, try closing the wiring diagram document and try opening it again from the above web links. This seems to work for me.
However, if you have repeated problems opening any of these wiring diagrams, please look over to the left menu area and send me a "Quick Comment", saying which wiring diagram you had a problem downloading. I'll try to figure what's going on and fix it! Thanks.


Special ATC125M Engine Conversion.

I've made the 1984 and the 1985, ATC125M original wiring diagrams into BIG, easy to read wiring diagrams. This is to aid in understanding how the original wiring harness was set-up.

1984 ATC125M Wiring Diagram
 Engine Numbers = TE01E-20xxxxx

1985 ATC125M Wiring Diagram
 Engine Numbers = TE01E-21xxxxx

To read more about the ATC125M engine conversion visit our CT90-CT110-FORUM.COM and browse the "Customizing Your CT" category. There are several forum members that have successfully completed the ATC125M engine conversion.

Do you have any other "original" CT wiring diagrams?
I'm specifically interested in ones that are earlier than 1964 (U.S.A. or international).
1961, Early Trail (dealer modified C100),
1962, Trail50 (CA100T & C100T),
and the1963, Trail55 (CA105T & C105T).
And, I'm also interested in CT wiring diagrams from Australia, New Zeaaland or other nations.
Specifically from Australia or New Zealand, that are after 1986 for both...
6 Volt Electrical System
and the,
12 Volt Electrical System
I'd prefer to borrow the original printed pages for the above CT's and then mail them back (in fact, I'd like to have the entire Honda Shop Manual or even an Owner's Manual... I'll pay your postage costs (U.S. or International), provided it's the correct Honda Shop Manual or Owner's Manual, please confirm with me before mailing). If you can find an electronic PDF copy of the entire Honda Shop Manual or Owner's Manual, in most cases I can work from that as well, just send me the web link.

What doesn't really work is other web sites that have a copy of the wiring diagram.
Every time I see one of these, it's not high enough quality, so, please don't send those to me.
If you can help out, would you please send me an email at CT90-CT110@COX.NET, so we can talk about how I can borrow the "original" from you, do a high resolution scan of it, and then send it back to you. Thanks.

You may need to get the FREE Adobe Reader program from here...

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